Cardiac Arrest R*n at Weston Underwood

Sunday 2nd November 2008

Bum Note is the first to arrive at Ring Peace's Beer Stop.

Curiously enough - he opts for the hip flask first.

Here come the rest of the MKH3 pack "HOT" on the heels of, well ... everyone!

Cold Beer and Warm Whisky - where are the wild, wild women?

Well's Nice Flaps!

Beer in the mud with me Hasher Mates... Cum Dancing Heaven.

On-on over the rocks - GG-String takes the lead.

The remains of the intrepid MKH3 Band before the final water jump.

Bum Note leads the way in the muddy hole....

... and reflects on the insanity and insanitary.

Cum Dancing shows off by jumping out of the pit.


Smiles all round in a freezing muddy pit at the end of an 8 mile obstacle course? Now that's class! Or madness? Strap-On is excused as he would have drowned if he'd smiled right at that moment.

Pictures and report by Shagalot 3/Nov/2008


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