R*ns 1032 & 1033

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th June

Crowden in the Peak District - MKH3 away weekend

Hares: Limp & Utter Buttocks

MKH3: Limp, Buttocks, Parsons Nose, Juices Flowing, Bum Note, Tinkerbell, Ringpeace, MeJulie, 4'Poo, Emma, Leroy, Mo, Cockup, Speedy, Flaps, Stuffed, Dirty Hole, Rev, Kissy Lips, Free Delivery, Cums Alone, Semi, Carpet Burns+2, Taxi69+2

Quorn: Blow, Sticky Nickers, Wallington, Eager Beaver, Smutley, Whos who, Diarear

Alsager: Boobylicious, Malteaser, Rampant Rabbit, Spunky, Brokeback , Snatch

Yar well, not having attended this most excellent of excursions ye'll have to excuse me if the account be a mote apocryphal.

 Ye do have some top notch pikkies from Cums Alone though. These give a flavoursome impression of what it were like in the Peakend that Weakend.

This general campsite scene shows Stuffed practicing smoking outside in anticipation of the indoors ban.

The two SUPERbikes ye see allegedly belong to Speedy Gone Arseless and Cockup who winged their way up the big M - no doubt venturing in the slipstream.

A quiet moment between Bum Note and Cock-up. There appear to be two major differences between the two at this brief blink of a shutter.

Firstly Bum Note is partaking of the amber nectar whilst Cockup is a coffee or tea man (unless he forgot to bring a beer receptacle)?

Secondly, Cockup knows that putting a yellow T-shirt in with a navy-blue one, at 60 degrees C wash, is not a good idea.

Taxi 69 demonstrates the use of a sea-anchor on the slippery slide. Mercifully, all the children witnessing this only think that he is not very good.

Carpet Burns, on the other hand, looks a little bit concerned on the wear and tear on essential equipment that might be taking place.

Intriguingly - the most concerned harriette appears to be Free Delivery.

This appears to be Ringpeace attempting to fit a quart of steak onto a pint BBQ pot. I hope everyone likes theirs medium-rare?
I'm really not sure what to make of this?

 Either it is a crash site of some 2nd World War Aircraft that has been left as a shrine or the car park on Sunday morning after Nice Flaps has offered to give everyone a late-Saturday-night advanced driving lesson a la Thames Valley Police.


Top o' the World at last. There was some honestly athletic point to this away weekend and here we see a group photo of the hashers who have made it to the top. And a very fine crew they are too.

This photo has a number of merits:

1) It shows a quorum of MKH3 hashers having a good time

2) It shows some hashers from other hashes also having a good time

3) It is not raining

4) It shows Cums Alone who sent me all these lovely photos. (See R*n 1038 too).

Pictures by Cums Alone

Words & Webpage by Shagalot




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