R*n 1038  (PYJAMA  r*n)

Monday 23rd July 2007

Royal Oak in Aspley Heath

Hare: Omo

Horn: Drip

POW: Nice Flaps

e-Scibe: Shagalot

e-Pix: Cums Alone

The 23rd of July - good date for a Pyjama run you'd think? Well it wasn't particularly as it was overcast and quite chilly. But this did not stop the intrepid hashers from MKH3 who surprised the local populace of Aspley Heath with an inventive array of nocturnal attire.

Omo, Daisy and Ringpeace were sporting neat blue twin-piece cotton numbers whilst Hard Core, Utter Buttocks, Nice Flaps, Speedy Gone Arseless and Cl'oysters went for the silky look - a good deal of which was sourced from the bottom drawer of Free Delivery. Parsons Nose and Cum Dancing looked really ready for bed in their dressing gowns. The Royal Oak did not serve mugs of cocoa though.

Free Delivery, Yazie, Nice Flaps and Floss strut their stuff prior to the r*n. Bum Note is so excited at all these ready-for-bed harriettes that he clear lost his head.

Make a note of how clean everyone looks - this was about to change.

After the r*n Omo looks quite satisfied with his handiwork having located some of the finest shiggy spots on the whole of the Greensand Ridge. Cum Dancing seems to have sprouted an instant beard. Emma and 4'Poo have followed dad's example and are covered in sh*te. Flaps seems to be having trouble with slimy deltoids whilst Ring Peace is contemplating the immaculate appearance of Laurax (that's wot it sez in the book) who looks a lot better than she sounds (like a bit of a dodgy condition for rabbits?).
The immediate post-r*n period is a good time to show off your toned abs and demonstrate how terribly excited you are. Nice Flaps does this with ease and, dare one say, some style. Cl'oysters on the other hand - perhaps inhibited by the unusual clothing - is finding that manual stimulation is necessary to point out his enthusiasm.

The Pentagram in the background signifies the importance of the Royal Oak as an important location at the convergence of several lay-lines where traditional and ancient rites are performed.

Nice Flaps, Dirty Hole, Free Delivery and Stuffed deny being a coven of witches.

When it comes down to shiggy-slinging there is only ONE culprit who starts it all off. If you look at this picture again you will notice that FLOSS (for it is she) has just noticed that she is being talked about.

Yes - that's YOU Floss.

Nice work though - everyone who was covered head to foot in sh*te seemed to be enjoying the experience enormously. And they'll wake up with lovely skin. Blocked washing machines though.

It looks like the only thing HYGENIC about Floss is the job title.

Say what you like about Ring Peace but he is always fully committed to entering into the SPIRIT of the occasion. If that is getting completely covered from head to toe in top class SHIGGY then that is what he'll do.

Top effort.

Pictures by Cums Alone

Words & Webpage by Shagalot




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